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EFTPAC Supported Bank Formats

Modulo are only able to add new formats to the latest version of EFTPAC.

EFTPAC supports various Bank file formats for several countries. If the format that you require is not listed below, contact your bank and ask them for an eft file specification. This is a document that describes the contents of the file, field lengths etc.  After you receive this document, contact us with your request, forwarding the specification file to us. We will have a look to determine the complexity and feasibility of adding into EFTPAC.

We usually add new format(s) into EFTPAC for no charge, but we will confirm this after looking at the format(s). 

Modulo are only able to add new formats to the latest version of EFTPAC.

Bank Format Version added to EFTPAC
Australian Bank File Format
(Suitable for most Australian banks)
New Zealand Westpac Deskbank 4.0
Bank of New Zealand 4.0
ASB Bank 5.0 SP2
HSBC New Zealand Hexagon 5.0 SP2
National Bank New Zealand Dlink 5.0 SP4
MT100 Cross Border Transfer 5.2 SP1
ANZ Direct Money Transfer Service 5.3 SP1
Bank of America ACH Wire Record Format 5.3 SP1
National Australia Bank International Funds Transfer 5.3 SP4
MT101 Cross Border Transfer 5.3 SP5
Papua New Guinea Westpac 5.3 SP6
United States ACH Standard
(Suitable for most US banks)
Singapore DBS file format. 5.4 SP1
HSBC CPA Standard 005 (1464) format 5.4 SP2
Barclays Bank Standard Input File (SIF) Format 5.4 SP4
Citibank UK ACH BACSTEL Format 5.4 SP4
Maybank Bulk Payment Format 5.4 SP7 and v5.5 SP3
BPAY - ANZ 6.0 SP1
BPAY - Commonwealth Bank (Commbiz) 5.5
BPAY - Westpac 5.5 SP3
BPAY - Macquarie 5.5 SP3
BPAY - National Australia Bank (National Online Corporate Only) 5.5 SP3
Australian Bank Format (ANZ Version)
- Payer Information in Header of File
5.5 SP3
Lloyds Sage BACS Multiple CSV 6.0 SP1
Modulo Software