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OCRPAC Version 6.3

Modulo Software | Ocrpac Sage 300 OCR Invoice Capture Document Management

Automated Transaction Data Entry for Sage 300
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IMPORTANT: OCRPAC V6.3 Product Update 2018 is required for use with Sage 300 2018 (6.5)

IMPORTANT: OCRPAC V6.3 Product Update 2017 is required for use with Sage 300 2017 (6.4)


  • Data entry is a chore. It’s necessary, but it’s costly and time consuming.

  • Why can’t Sage 300 just read and enter the data from vendor invoices for you?

  • What if you could consistently process vendor invoices in under 20 seconds?

  • OCRPAC will help you do this.

  • What if the invoice was automatically stored with your Sage 300 data so you could view it from Sage 300  any time you needed to?

  • The OCRPAC / eImagePac bundle makes this a reality.


  • Have better things to do than data entry

  • Process Accounts Payable invoices

  • Need to store documents electronically

  • Have high volumes or time constraints

  • Want to capture invoices quickly and accurately


  • Ocrpac 6.3 (2016) provides compatibility with Sage 300 System Manager and Accounts Payable versions 6.3 (2016)
  • OCRPAC automates data entry for Sage 300 Accounts Payable Invoices. 
  • *NEW*A new option “Document ID Numeric” has been added to the Ocrpac Document Processing screen. When selected, Ocrpac will not prompt users to save any non numeric business document identifiers that it finds, back to the Vendor record. Modulo recommend that users turn this option on if their country's Tax Registration Codes can only ever contain numbers, to prevent accidental saving of incorrect data to vendor records.
  • Available bundled with Modulo Software’s eImagePac for a total document management solution.
  • Sage 300 (and OCRPAC) require a Sage 300 Lanpak (user licence) for each user logged onto the Sage 300 System Manager. OCRPAC also has it’s own multi-user licensing system. OCRPAC comes with a single concurrent user licence as standard. Additional user licences may be purchased where more than one user accesses OCRPAC at once.
  • OCRPAC is a tightly integrated Sage 300 third party solution developed with the Sage 300 Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Supports operation in the Sage 300 Windows and Portal desktops and is available for all Sage 300 editions and databases. Enhances existing Sage 300 transaction windows which simplifies and streamlines user acceptance and training.
  • The Ocrpac Data Capture screen, now includes a Sage 300 finder (i.e. the magnifying glass data lookup icon) for any Optional fields that appear on the right hand data entry section of the screen.
  • OCRPAC supports the popular file format(s) that your organisation prefers – see Techincal Specifications section.
  • Different documents can be processed with different file types,resolutions and multiple pages, even for invoices from the same Vendor.
  • Uses standard Sage 300 security settings. Sage 300 users are assigned OCRPAC privileges to allow them to process documents, print reports etc.
  • Processes invoice documents from an inbox folder or direct from any Twain compliant scanner.  



  • Sage 300 2016 (6.3) System Manager and Accounts Payable, or
  • Sage 300 2017 (6.4) (with latest Product Update - IMPORTANT) SM 6.4 with OCRPAC 6.3 Product Update 2017 and AP 6.4, or
  • Sage 300 2018 (6.5) (with latest Product Update - IMPORTANT) SM 6.5 with OCRPAC 6.3 Product Update 2018 and AP 6.5, using one of the following databases:

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or above
Supported file formats:
  • GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, FAX, AWD, STF, EPS and PDF (version 1.4 or prior) 
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