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ATTPAC Version 6.3

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IMPORTANT: ATTPAC V6.3 Product Update 2017 is required for use with Sage 300 2017 (6.4)

What is ATTPAC?
ATTPAC allows users to integrate non Sage 300 subledger modules e.g. payrolls, billing systems etc. with their Sage 300 General Ledger. This removes the hassle of rekeying subledger journals and ensuring a reliable audit trail. ATTPAC is compatible with Sage 300 - single or multi-currency.

ATTPAC creates Sage 300 General Ledger batches from either:
(i) A simple comma separated value (CSV) file of batch journal entries.
(ii) The Attache Payroll General Ledger posting journal report.



  • ATTPAC 6.3 (2016) provides compatibility with Sage 300 System Manager and General Ledger versions 6.3 (2016)
  • *NEW*Provides support for use with Attache BI Version 3.0 and above. Note that Attache Business Partner is not supported for use with Attpac 6.3 (2016). Users of Attache Business Partner can use Attpac 6.2
  • ATTPAC version 6.3 is developed using the Sage 300 Software Development Kit and is a tightly integrated Sage 300 third party solution.
  • ATTPAC allows simple set up and use with multiple Sage 300 and/or Subledger companies.

Sage 300 2016 (6.3) System Manager and General Ledger modules, or

Sage 300 2017 (6.4) (with latest Product Update - IMPORTANT) SM 6.4 with ATTPAC 6.3 Product Update 2017 and GL 6.4, using one of the following databases:

  • Microsoft SQL Server

Previous versions of ATTPAC are available for Sage 300 6.2 (2014) and prior.

Attache BI Payroll Version 3.0 and above if integrating with Attache.

If integrating with a non Sage 300 subledger via CSV, your subledger must be compatible with a query or reporting tool capable of creating the specified CSV batch file format.

Microsoft Windows 7 or above

Internet Explorer 9 or above

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