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Modulo Software

Not For Resale Products (NFR)

Sage Authorised Partners and Consultants can obtain free Not For Resale (NFR) electronic copies of our Sage 300 add on products for demonstration and in house use.

NFR activation codes for verison 5.6 and above now work with all databases.

To receive your NFR activation please email us at and supply the following details:

  1. Your Sage Authorised Partner/Consultant number
  2. Which Product(s) you require - OCRPAC*, eImagePac/Barcode Filer, EFTPAC, MAILPAC or ATTPAC
  3. Sage 300 version
  4. Screen Dump of your Sage 300 System Manager Serial Number - Within Sage 300 open the Help/Licences menu, choose System Manager and then Licence Info.

*Due to our ocr tools licencing agreement we can only offer an OCRPAC NFR once your first sale has been made. However, you can use the OCRPAC 30 day trial for demonstration purposes until that time the 30 day trial works on any Sage 300 company. 

Once we have the above details we will calculate a serial number for your system and email it to you, so that you can activate the full product.

To install the product for NFR use, ensure that the Demonstration licence is installed. Do not install the PSQL or MSSQL licence or your NFR activation will fail.

After installation of the demonstration licence, the product can be activated from Administrative Services - Data Activation in Sage 300. After this, open the Options form from inside Setup/Options, choose the Activations tab and enter your company name, Sage 300 SM Serial Number and Modulo Serial Number.

Products available are:

OCRPAC* - Automated Transaction Data Entry for Sage 300

eImagePac - Electronic Transaction Document Storage for Sage 300

EFTPAC - Automatic EFT processing for AP and AR modules

MAILPAC - Electronic distribution of Sage 300 business documents
ATTPAC - Automatically import non-Sage subledgers into Sage General Ledger

Modulo Software