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Modulo Software |Business Software and Application Development | Systems Consultants | Microsoft Access|Visual Basic|Visual Studio|Excel


Modulo Software specialise in application / web development of business systems requiring expertise in relational database management, implementation and design - particularly database applications with web or windows interfaces. Modulo excel at elegant user interfaces, complex business report design and dynamic web site development.

Modulo follow mature and proven yet flexible project management and development methodologies based on the Capability and Maturity Model (CMM) level 2. These systems ensure quality and repeatability of successful outcomes but so does our depth and experience, ability to adapt and attention to detail.

We consistently achieve the required results with our solutions because we look for the most innovative and elegant solutions, because we ensure we retain the best and most experienced people and because our focus is on quality and cost effectiveness. We recommend and use the best selection and application of technologies and processes to suit your requirements rather than blindly using the newest “buzz word” standard or technology.

Modulo Software