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Attache Payroll Software

Business Partner Accounting System

Since 1981, Attache Software Australia have developed and marketed Attache Accounting software. This system is proven, reliable and fast, suiting small to medium businesses with reasonably straight forward requirements in accounting software. Attache is only sold by trained consultants and provides through it's modular design a deal of customisation to better suit the requirements of specific business types.

Modules available include: General Ledger, Customers, Suppliers, Products, Order Entry, Alex (Electronic Business Document Delivery & Tracking),  Purchase Orders, Payroll and the Attache ODBC database driver.

Attache accounting software is now sold in many countries throughout the Southern Hemisphere.

Modulo Software have been Attache consultants since 1992 and specialise in the Payroll module.

Modulo Software have developed a utility which allows our clients to combine the Attache Payroll module with the ACCPAC accounting system.

ATTPAC Automatically import non-ACCPAC subledgers into ACCPAC General Ledger
Modulo Software