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eImagePac Version 6.1 Service Pack 1

eImagePac Version 6.1 Service Pack 1

Database: All Databases

Release Date: 1 July 2013



The Service Pack in this package contains a modified version of one or more program modules. The modification is not a full upgrade or a product replacement; it is a temporary service pack that is valid only until we release an update to the product, incorporating these changes.
The Service Pack contains the following enhancements:
1. Changes to eImagePac security.

a. The Clear History privilege has been renamed Periodic Processing and gives access to both the Clear History and Owner Number Change screens. See below for more on the Owner Number Change feature.

b. A new security privilege has been added - "View Only User".
The View Only User Group privilege allows users to view images stored in eImagePac but not to alter or delete them.
It combines with the "Process transactions" privileges.
For example a user group with "Process AP Transactions", "Process OE Transactions" and "View Only user", will have view only access to OE and AP images.
Conversely a user group with just "Process AP Transactions" and "Process OE Transactions", and not "View Only user" would have full access to OE and AP images - i.e. view, change, add and delete.

2. The on line help file for eImagepac has been updated.

3. The Owner Number Change function has been added to eImagePac Periodic Processing. This allows documents to be transferred between document owners - i.e. between two vendors, two customers or two items.

*** Always backup your data and ensure all users are out of Sage 300 ERP before using eImagePac Owner Number Change. ***

Sage 300 ERP has three number change functions that can affect eImagePac records - Vendor Number Change, Customer Number Change and Item Number Change. If you use any of the Sage Number Change options for Vendors, Customers or Items that have corresponding eImagePac records, you must also run eImagePac Owner Number Change to transfer these records across from the old owner to the new one.

The Owner Number Change screen allows you to select the type of change you need to run i.e. AP Vendors, AR Customers or IC Items. You then select the Current Owner Number - i.e. currently linked to the eImagePac records and the New Owner Number - i.e. the Owner you want to transfer the records to.

For example if you wanted to transfer AP Vendor records from Vendor Number 1234 to Vendor Number WXYZ, you would select AP Vendors from the drop down list and then type 1234 into Current Vendor and WXYZ into New Vendor, then select the Process button.

4. eImagePac now allows you to optionally attach documents as Shortcuts. When you create Shortcuts you attach documents (or entire folders) to eImagePac records but maintain the existing locations of the files, rather than transferring them to the central eImagePac server folder.

You can select whether to create a shortcut, or to transfer the document to the server, via the Shortcut check box on the eImagePac File Manager screen. If you select the shortcut check box, eImagePac will allow you to create a shortcut to a specific file, or an entire folder of files.

Note that if you use shortcuts, eImagePac users that need to access them, will need to be given the correct Windows User privileges to those files and folders. Make sure adequate backups of these files are also maintained.

Some examples of uses for shortcuts:
a. You have a central folder of documents with item images that you want to link to the item records in Sage 300 ERP, so Sage users can look up the image of a stock item.

b. You have a folder containing contracts and other documents for a customer (or vendor) that you want to link to the customer (or vendor) record in Sage 300 ERP.

5. The shortcut option, makes attaching existing documents to Sage records via import in the eImagePac File Manager considerably easier. If you create an import file and define the FILEPATH field, eImagePac File Manager will import the record as a shortcut.

See below for a sample single csv import file for a shortcut to an AP Invoice document.

The FILENAME field is the unique file number for each Image record stored in eImagePac. When importing, make sure that the FILENAME (the sample FILENAME value in record below is 1242) is unique, so that you don't overwrite existing eImagePac records. You should also make sure the Next File Number in eImagePac Options doesn't conflict with your import records.

"1",1242,20130514,"tif",0,"12345TEST","This is for work done","1200","Chloride Systems",1,"C:\Modulo\1100.tif"

The Service Pack corrects the following problems:
1. Various minor changes were made to simplify the maintenace of Barcode Filer settings files.

2. Non alphanumeric characters are not supported at the start of the document number in eImagePac - the service pack prevents such records from being saved. Without this fix, problems occurred when eimagePac image records were saved with non alpha numeric characters e.g. !@#$1234 etc at the start of the document number.

3. The NZ OE Orders scren, was adjusted so that the Image buttons didn't overlap the Prepayment button.

System Requirements

  • eImagePac v6.1
  • Sage 300 ERP 6.1 (with latest System Manager Service Pack - IMPORTANT) and at least one of GL, AP, AR, IC, PO, OE, or PJC 6.1


Click the Download button in the upper right-hand corner of this page to start the download and save the file to your computer.

1. Unzip the downloaded files

2. Run the setup.exe application to install.

Thank you for choosing eImagePac

Modulo Software

Modulo Software